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Pitch musikk direkte til supervisors

Av Inni Mowinckel

| 19. august, 2022
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Synkronisering av musikk til film, serier og reklame har de siste årene blitt et av de mest attraktive stedene å få musikken sin brukt. Låtskrivere og artister har sett oppmerksomheten rundt musikken sin vokse stort etter å ha vært brukt i store serier og filmer.

Vill Vill Vest og Musikkforleggerne har i år invitert en håndfull music supervisors og A&Rs for å høre norsk og nordisk musikk som de potensielt kan ta med inn i fremtidige prosjekter! På Coffee & Sync får du muligheten til å pitche musikken du representerer i korte møter på 10-15 minutter (også kjent som speed-meetings), og ta en god kopp kaffe med fremtidige samarbeidspartnere.

Søk her for å få tilgang til en av de begrenset antall plassene på arrangementet.

Frist 21. august.

De som deltar på arrangementet er:

Andrea von Foerster (Firestarter Music)
Isaac McMorrow (Pitch&Sync)
Silje Katralen (Ohlogy)
Isabelle Rabe (Fuse Sounds)
Emilie Skovgaard (Nordisk Film)
Olivia Schlichting (Super Music Vision)

Alle som får plass på Coffee & Sync vil motta tips og råd for hvordan man bør forberede seg til en pitchesession, og hva som er lurt å gjøre for å følge opp kontakten i ettertid.

About the participants

Olivia Schlichting (SuperMusicVision)
Olivia is part of the Los Angeles based music supervision team SuperMusicVision, which has a long list of credits under Emmy and Grammy nominated music supervisor Thomas Golubić. Passionate about storytelling, Olivia has degrees in Screenwriting and Narrative Media & Culture, and won first place for “Women in Cities & The Art of the Flâneuse” in Antioch’s 2019 Research Paper Award. She got her start in the film industry as a script reader, later becoming a talent agency coordinator. Inspired by her musical upbringing, she was often promoting bands, working in venues, and DJing for events and radio. This dual life of one foot in cinema and the other in music led her down the path of music
supervision. Her most recent credits include Better Call Saul (AMC), Space Force (Netflix), Guilty Party (Paramount+), Cowboy Bebop (Netflix), and Glorious (Shudder). An active member in the sync community, Olivia also serves as the Organizing Committee Liaison for the Guild of Music Supervisors.
She can often be found biking or swing dancing around LA, plus advocating for the unionization of music supervisors.

Andrea von Foerster (Firestarter Music)
Andrea has done music supervision for film, television and online projects for over ten years. Credits include music documentaries such as The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights and Butch Walker: Out Of Focus. Independent films such as (500) Days Of Summer, It’s Kind of A Funny Story, From Prada To Nada, Bellflower and Excision. And studio films such as Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Chronicle and Chasing Mavericks. Television work includes The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy, Dollhouse and Stargate Universe and numerous MTV shows such as Run’s House and Life Of Ryan.

Isaac McMorrow (Pitch&Sync)
Isaac McMorrow fell in love with music listening to Tectonic and DMZ dubplates on Bristol pirate radio. He cemented his passion writing a Masters defining the value of marginalised culture. And now he puts those ideas to work as a music supervisor at leading agency Pitch & Sync, working across the business from syncs and licensing, searches to talent partnerships, events and activations, audio branding and full music and audio strategy. Isaac has worked on prestigious campaigns for Google, Samsung, B&Q, Chillys, Mulberry, Jameson, ITV and many others.
PITCH & SYNC is a 360° brand consultancy for music and audio, using talent, culture and music’s emotional power to better connect brands and people.

Emilie Skovgaard Sørensen (Nordisk Film)
Emilie is a music supervisor at Nordisk Film Production where she works with everything related to music. She’s involved in the whole process of finding and licensing music in film and series from early stages of script to final mix.
Nordisk Film Production has branches in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, and includes Nordisk Film Series and Creative Alliance. Emilie started the first music supervision department in the company in 2021, when she convinced them that it was a good idea to have an inhouse music supervisor. She’s passionate about making the film industry open and aware of all the possibilities of using music from a diverse range of artists. She has worked on projects by a variety of directors amongst others Michael Noer, Paprika Steen, Milad Alami, Bille August, Ole Bornedal, Hella Joof, Anders Thomas Jensen and Malou Reymann. Her career started at an internship at Zentropa where she was trained by the two music supervisors Mikkel Maltha and Leslie Ming.

Silje Katralen (Ohlogy)
Senior Music Supervisor, Ohlogy, Oslo, since 2017.
In retrospect, it was the soundtrack from “Scream” that indirectly sparked Silje’s curiosity and love for music supervision. “I have a vivid memory of always being obsessed with music in films, genuinely loving when a piece of music and a scene merged perfectly together – not knowing back then that this is a handcraft”. After finishing a Master’s degree in Law in Switzerland in 2010, Silje started working as a law associate at a firm in Berne for a short period, before deciding to move back to Norway. It did not take long before she started thinking that there might be a way to combine law and a lifelong passion for films, tv-series and music. She quit her “safe” job position, followed a single course in film music at the University in Oslo, before studying Music Supervision at Berklee College of Music, through Berklee Online.
Silje has worked on several projects, such as Netflix’s “Post Mortem – No One Dies in Skarnes”, Viaplay’s “Made in Oslo” and TV2’s “Heksejakt”.

Isabelle Rabe (Fuse Sounds)
Isabelle’s love of music and popular culture led her to study Musicology at Stockholm University, where she gained a deep understanding of musical styles throughout history and the psychology behind the way we relate to sounds, especially in film music. Isabelle joined Fuse Sound as a Music Supervisor after several years working within various areas of the music industry, and over 6 years with Sony Music Publishing, 4 of those working for the sync department focused on film and tv. During this time she pitched songs and worked closely with production companies, music supervisors, artists, and the A&R department. Isabelle brings a deep knowledge and passion for music, as well as a keen understanding of rights clearance, the sync process, and a flair for creative song placement.