Masterclass in film music: composing for silent films

Sted Tvibit, Tromsø
Dato og tid 20. jan. 2023, 13:00
Påmelding Registration
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Insomnia, TIFF and Musikkontoret Nord have the pleasure to invite you to a masterclass in film music for silent film with composer Neil Brand.

Neil Brand is also a writer and broadcaster who has specialized in music for early film but regularly appears on BBCTV and Radio talking about film music, its history and how it works. In this masterclass he will present an overview of how music works with film in both sound and silent sequences, and demonstrate some of those techniques from the piano.

The workshop will be held at Tvibit on the 20th January 2023 at 1pm to 3 pm. The masterclass is open for all musicians who are curious about film music no matter what genre. The masterclass is free, please confirm your attendance by filling out the registration.

This workshop is peresented as part of Insomnias talent program Cloud Exit, and is supported by Talent Norge and Sparebank1 Nord Norge.