Monetize Your Melodies:

How to turn digital music into Money

Sted Kraftverk, Kristiansand
Dato og tid 30. jan. 2024, 17:00
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Magnus Murphy

Do you want to understand the inner workings of digital music distribution and how you, as an independent artist or a small label, can make money from your digital music releases?

Welcome to a free workshop at Musikkontoret Sørf on January 30!

  • What is a DSP (Digital Service Provider), and what role does it play for artists in today's market?
  • Discover how to pitch your music to all the right playlists.
  • Artist branding and its importance.
  • Utilizing royalties and revenue sharing.
  • Optimizing metadata for increased visibility.
  • Maximizing the distribution ecosystem (including music videos etc.).

Course instructor:

Magnus Murphy is an Australian artist/producer who recently moved from Brisbane to Kristiansand, with a pit stop in the international production scene in Stockholm, before landing here in the south of Norway. In addition to being a songwriter and producer for A-listed artists such as Cody Simpson, Joel Adams, Galantis, Chriddy Black, Universal Music, and many others, Magnus is a savvy individual who has learned and created useful distribution tools for his own and other artists' careers through

Join us on January 30 at 17:00 at Kraftverk to get to know an experienced artist/producer who uses real-life cases and has succeeded with digital distribution. After the workshop, there will be an opportunity for one-on-one conversations with Magnus.

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The workshop is free!